USE-iT - users, safety, security and energy in transport infrastructure
FOX - Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes
bastBASt is a technical and scientific research institute responsible to the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. Its responsibilities are to provide scientifically sound decision support on technical issues and questions of traffic policy for the ministry and to draw up and harmonise regulations and standards at national and European level. The overall objective is to improve the safety, economic and operational efficiency of roads and make them more environmentally sound.
Every year BASt supervises around 400 projects with a financial volume of approximately 8.5 million Euro. These projects are carried out by universities, colleges, engineering companies and other institutes. BASt carries out around 300 projects of its own every year and is also realising projects for the European Union.
The average number of International research projects is app. 20 to 25 per year. In the 7 th framework programme, BASt participated in 30 projects. The annual budget of BASt is app. 54 million Euro a year.

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