USE-iT - users, safety, security and energy in transport infrastructure
FOX - Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes
TNO.jpgThe Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is the largest fully independent non-profit research organization in the Netherlands. With a staff of approximately 3800 and an annual turnover of 580 million Euro, TNO is carrying out research in order to achieve impact on the following seven themes: Healthy Living, Industrial Innovation, Transport and Mobility, Energy, Built Environment, Information Society, and Defence, Safety and Security.
TNO functions as an intermediary between basic research organizations and industry. By translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, TNO contributes to the innovation capacity of businesses and government. TNO is involved in many international projects (about 30% of the market turnover), including EU- funded collaborations. In this project TNO Business Line (BL) ‘Infrastructure’ will participate. Within TNO- Infrastructure research and development is performed for policy makers, road owners, contractors and suppliers, both in Road and Rivers transportation modes.

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