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ZAG.jpgZAG Ljubljana is the leading research and testing institute of its kind in Slovenia. It is a state-owned, independent, impartial and non-profit organisation, which fulfils all the requirements of the EEC Council Directive No. 89/106 regarding approval bodies which carry out the testing and attestation of conformity of construction products. This includes all products and works needed for extensive motorway construction, and all products and works needed in the maintenance and management of other national roads.
The main activities of ZAG are: research, quality assurance programs and testing and assessment in the areas of building materials, structures (buildings and highway structures) and geotechnics.
Research activities on the natural and built environment and analyses concerning the efficient use of energy and renewables, especially in the sense of life cycle assessment of products and systems, have become one of ZAG priorities in past years. In the area of road asset management it has been for many decades developing tools for efficient management of Slovenian roads, including the bridge inspection system and structural safety assessment system using realistic traffic loading and behaviour of bridges. In the area of railway construction and renovation ZAG performs a supervisor control of all materials included in the rail construction.

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