USE-iT - users, safety, security and energy in transport infrastructure
FOX - Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes
CEDEX.jpgCEDEX is a public organization founded in 1957, functionally dependent on Spanish Ministries of Public Works and Environment, which provides multidisciplinary support in civil engineering technologies, construction and associated environment, giving assistance to various administrations, public institutions and private companies. Its specialized technical units, centers and laboratories provide high level technical assistance, applied research and technological development. The specialization of its human team, the singularity of some of its installations, the great variety of the civil engineering and environmental matters undertaken and the growing cooperation with similar overseas institutions, make CEDEX an avant-garde international organization, able to apply the latest innovations to solve the numerous problems that are present nowadays in the ambits of its specialization. In particular, Transport Research Center is the specialized technical unit dealing with transport and road infrastructure subjects.

Autovia de Colmenar Viejo. km.18,2
28 760 El Goloso (Madrid)

Phone number +34 91 335 77 83
Contact Details Laura Parra Ruiz: laura.parra@cedex.es
Jesús Leal Bermejo: jesus.Leal@cedex.es