USE-iT - users, safety, security and energy in transport infrastructure
FOX - Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes
FEHRL logoFormed in 1989 as the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories26, FEHRL provides a structure for the coordination of road and transport infrastructure research. Comprising members from over thirty European nations and international affiliates from USA, Australia, Israel and South Africa, FEHRL’s aim is to encourage collaborative research and knowledge transfer, as well as, to provide relevant knowledge and advice to governments, the European Commission, the road industry and road users on related technologies and policies. Through the national groups established in many countries, the national research centres are complemented by a dozen universities and Regional Transport Offices, FEHRL has a permanent presence in Brussels for the coordination of activities with other organisations, communications, dissemination, training and events.

Boulevard de la Woluwe 42
1200 Brussels

Phone number +32 2 775 82 45
Contact Details Dr. Thierry Goger: Thierry.goger@fehrl.org (Project Coordinator)
Laurie Ferrier : laurie.ferrier@fehrl.org (finance and administration contact)
Catherine Birkner: Catherine.birkner@fehrl.org (dissemination contact)

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