News - FOX and USE-iT projects presented at events in Melbourne, Australia
USE-iT - users, safety, security and energy in transport infrastructure
FOX - Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes

FOX and USE-iT projects presented at events in Melbourne, Australia

Projects feature at ITS World Congress and ARRB


As part of the USE-iT and FOX project dissemination activities, FEHRL organised a series of workshops at the  23rd  World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS2016), in Melbourne, Australia, in early October 2016. The congress, attended by about 11,000 participants from all over the world, is a perfect platform to showcase the projects, since automation and ITS are important drivers for the future of the transport systems not only in Europe but also in other areas of the world. The list of events organised by FEHRL with active participation from IBDiM of Poland are presented below.

FOX and USE-iT will also feature on the agenda of the 27th ARRB Conference 2016 , also to be held in Melbourne, Australia on 16-18th November. For more information on this, contact 

FOX, USE-IT workshop on Friday  7th October 2016

Dr. Thierry Goger, Secretary General of FEHRL met with ARRB staff and gave an informative presentation on FEHRL’s objectives and key programmes such the Horizon 2020 FOX and USE-iT projects.  In conjunction with this presentation, Prof. Adam Zofka and Ewa Zofka (IBDiM, Poland) were also welcomed to ARRB and presented on international and national projects being undertaken in Poland and USE-iT.  This was followed by a discussion of synergies with Australian actions, and provided an excellent opportunity for the relationship between FEHRL, IBDiM and ARRB to be strengthened. Click here to see the photos from this event.

The aim of this workshop was to present preliminary results arising from the USE-iT and FOX projects of the most appropriate technologies and approaches that have the potential of being applied on a cross-modal basis or on at least two transport modes.

The topic areas being investigated are:

  • User information
  • Safety & security
  • Energy & carbon
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection; and 
  • Recycling & reuse.

A detailed description of these technologies, along with barriers and opportunities for cross-modal application, were presented at the workshop. The programme included:

  • A welcome address by Gerard Waldron of ARRB
  • Aim of workshop and need for cross modal transport infrastructure by Thierry Goger (FEHRL) 
  • Introduction to FOX (and USE-IT) project – Adewole Adesiyun (FEHRL)
  • Best practices of technologies across the modes for USE-iT (in the areas of User information, Safety & security and Energy & carbon)– Ewa Zofka (IBDiM)
  • Best practices of technologies across the modes for FOX (in the areas of Construction, Inspection, Maintenance and Recycling & reuse - Thierry Goger, Caroline Evans (ARRB), Adewole Adesiyun 
  • Overview of the challenges and ARRB presentations from key areas (precursor to discussions) (Safety, Maintenance/Construction, Inspection, Reuse and recycling, Energy and carbon) - ARRB Technical experts
  • Discussions
  • Next steps and Conclusions - Thierry Goger (FEHRL) 

USE-IT workshop (including FOX, REFINET and SETRIS), Tuesday 11th October from 14h00 – 15h30
Title: User-Centric Transport Using ITS
Type of event: Associated meeting to the ITS Congress
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (venue of ITS congress)

ITS/ICT have the highest impact on the flow of user information. User information originates from the information provider and needs to be delivered to the end user via ITS/ICT infrastructure. It is critical to properly design the communication infrastructure, but more importantly to identify critical nodes and interchanges so user information gets delivered in real time. The meeting will discuss the concept of truly user-centric transport (using ITS) that offers integrated door-to-door journeys and seamless flow of information across all modes.

The main topic of the workshop held at the ITS Congress was User Centric Approach using ITS based on USE-iT project experience. USE-iT deals with technology transfer between the various modes of transport and WP2 – User Information is specifically addressing the user-centric approach in ITS. Technologies such as multimodal information platforms, dynamic messaging or smart signage bring together a lot of ITS application concentrated on the end user of the infrastructure in the wider context. In the light of constantly progressing and changing technologies, it is necessary to conduct stakeholder consultations to verify whether selected technologies satisfy user expectations and requirements. Thus, the results of this workshop and feedback received from the participants and stakeholders largely contribute to the project goal of bringing together all important players to come up with common multimodal challenges and try to resolve them.

On 11th October, this workshop was held on USE-iT by Thierry Goger, Adewole Adesiyn (FEHRL) and Ewa Zofka (IBDiM).  This workshop provided an opportunity to have discussions with Australian stakeholders to identify potential research topics that could be of benefit to more than one mode. Click here to see the photos from this event. The programme included:

  • Welcome/Introduction – Thierry Goger (FEHRL)
  • Introduction to the workshop - The need for cross modal transport infrastructure - Thierry Goger (FEHRL)
  • Introduction to USE-IT project – Adewole Adesiyun (FEHRL)
  • The concept of truly user-centric transport (using ITS) - Ewa Zofka (IBDiM)
  • Discussions
  • Next steps - Thierry Goger (FEHRL)

USE-IT presentation at Multi-modal Transport session @ ITS congress (including FOX) Thursday 13th October from 14h00 – 15h30
Title: New Approach to Integrated Cross Modal Transport -FOX and USE-iT Projects Experience
Type of event: Presentation at ITS Congress “Multi-modal Transport session”
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

The paper entitled “New Approach to Integrated Cross Modal Transport - FOX and USE-iT Projects Experience” co-authored by Ms Ewa Zofka (IBDiM) and Dr Thierry Goger (FEHRL) was submitted to the ITS Congress and presented on 13th October.

The presentation, given by Ewa Zofka, was part of the Multi-modal Transport session and was moderated by Mike Clarke of VicRoads/Yarra Ranges Council in Australia. Other presenters included: Clarissa Han of the AARB Group with a presentation entitled “Measuring Excessive Congestion Delay and Travel Time Reliability Cost for Multi-modal Travels”, and Keiichi Higuchi of TTRI (Toyota Transportation Research Institute) in Japan with a presentation entitled “Examining commuting intention conversion from private cars to bicycles using smartphone application”.

The presentation was produced based on FOX and USE-iT team cooperative collaboration and summarised the approach carried out in the first half of both projects, as well as accomplishments which include the preliminary investigation across modes and domains. The technology transfer concept was presented and received a lot of positive feedback from the participants. Additional comments were made about the FOX approach of common practices for Construction, Maintenance, Recycle and reuse and Inspection. The most attention was given to the innovative cross-modal inspection methods using 3D profiles of infrastructure surfaces, which can be adopted by other modes of transport such as rail and air.

Presenting the first phase achievements of both projects gave an opportunity to showcase them in an international arena and receive good feedback with respect to the technologies chosen for the transfer between the modes. Awareness was also gained of the international community, which deals with similar issues of multi-modal transport as are experienced in the EU. This can result in further cooperation and contribute to the wider exploitation of results for both projects.



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