USE-iT - users, safety, security and energy in transport infrastructure
FOX - Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes


One of the measures to maximise impact of the FOX project is to create synergies and to further exploit the opportunities for collaboration with projects which share the field of research and exploitation, respond to similar stakeholders while work on different issues. Coordination of activities with two projects, namely the USE-IT and the REFINET project, would potentially bring additional benefits to each of the three projects. Improved communication between these projects would bring an added value to the singular work within each of them. FEHRL is Pproject Coordinator of both the  FOX and USE-IT projects, which means that the synergies will be provided on the highest level.

Several FOX partners are involved in the work of the other two projects, which makes an excellent opportunity to create synergies between the three projects. The crucial issue is to form the already mentioned improved communication, which can be done using the following  steps:

  • Communication at the “highest” level: regular meetings between the project managers;
  • Communication at the level of “technical boards”: meetings between WP leaders;
  • Transferring crucial issues relevant to create synergies;
  • Assuring improved communication between all transport modes through all projects;

Therefore, not only “better” communication through partners, but also wider regional coverage and involvement of a larger group of stakeholders from all transport modes will be beneficial to the aim of creating synergies. Partners of all three projects have access to or take part in international associations covering road, rail, air and water transport and with their own professional networks that include academia, research institutes, administrations and industry.