USE-iT - users, safety, security and energy in transport infrastructure
FOX - Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes

WP1 - Project Management (FEHRL)

This WP is devoted to the administrative and technical coordination in order to ensure the interaction between partners proceeds smoothly and effectively. In particular project administration, financial follow-up, communication inside and outside the Consortium by developing common rules and proposing management tools that will be used by all participants. Other management related issues such as knowledge management will also be addressed. 

Partial Objectives are:

  • To coordinate activities with the European Commission.
  • To perform an effective financial, legal as well as administrative coordination.
  • To establish the communication flow and methods for reporting, progress monitoring and quality assurance.
  • To encourage networking with other related projects and building construction and building construction platforms and initiatives.
  • To coordinate the progress within the WPs.
  • To integrate the various inputs into a final tangible output.

Work Package Leader: 

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