USE-iT - users, safety, security and energy in transport infrastructure
FOX - Forever Open infrastructure across all transport modes

WP3 - Safety and Security (AIT)

The objectives of this WP are to gather knowledge and understand how operators and owners of transport infrastructure can enhance and reinforce safety and security operations and procedures across transport modes, through exchange of knowledge, share of experience and strong cooperation and to determine the common research challenges. Lessons learnt from later European projects on these matters, and from more recent initiatives like the European Security Research & Innovation Agenda (ESRIA), underlie the importance of this cooperation and shared agenda, since that could be a way to strengthening Europe's resilience to threats and its ability to efficiently recover from crises. And, as noted by the European Commission (COM (2009)691 final), this includes also enhancing the cohesiveness and robustness of societal systems and their interface with technologies. In this context, ESRIF recommended that research on critical infrastructure protection needs to be strengthened and amplified, for example with regard to energy security research, transport network security (page 7).

Safety and security measures differ across the four transport modes in terms of methodology, implementation and enforcement. However, there is great potential for many complementary research actions, due to technical overlaps in infrastructure requirements. Therefore, the work performed in this work package will be performed separately, but in parallel, for the assessment of safety and security operations, respectively.

The aim is to determine the best practices that can be exchanged between infrastructure representatives across all modes and develop and achieve an open line of communication and cooperation that can be extended beyond the project.

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